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The Science of Staying Alert and Effective Under Pressure - E69

April 27, 2022 Maureen Chiana Episode 69
Lead To Excel Podcast
The Science of Staying Alert and Effective Under Pressure - E69
Show Notes

Maybe you have experienced not being able to speak or think straight when being criticised by your manager or when under some form of pressure at work.

In this weeks Podcast, I discuss the reasons why you  freeze when under pressure and what you can do to remain calm, effective and still motivate your people.

Our brains threat response is activated by our external environment causing our body to respond in the flight, fright or freeze response, which cause many leaders performance to decline and can trigger a vicious cycle of self-doubt, self-blame, shame, guilt, even fear, making it all the more likely that you’ll freeze again when you encounter a similar situation.

But, there is hope! There are things you can do to stay alert and effective under pressure and this is a skill every leader needs.

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