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Helping Families Prepare for the Cost of Higher Education with Patricia Roberts - E73

July 19, 2022 Maureen Chiana & Patricia Roberts Episode 73
Lead To Excel Podcast
Helping Families Prepare for the Cost of Higher Education with Patricia Roberts - E73
Show Notes
  • Are you concerned you won’t be able to afford the cost of college or career training for your children? 
  • Are you confused about how to start saving for your children’s future? 
  •  Do you want to sleep well at night knowing you’re doing the best you can to help the children in your life fulfill their dreams whatever they may be?
  • If you are in the US, have you heard of 529 plans but don't understand exactly how they work?

In my podcast this week, I am joined by Patricia, a proud mom of a son, Ben, who graduated debt-free from Clark University in June 2021 and she has helped tens of thousands of families avoid millions of dollars in student loan debt over the past 23 years by sharing her expertise about planning ahead for post-secondary expenses.
Patricia held key legal and product management roles in the education savings divisions at Citigroup, Merrill Lynch and AllianceBernstein Investments and she designed and launched philanthropic programs, like NYC Kids RISE, through which families receive seed money for their children’s college savings accounts along with valuable financial education and incentives to save on their own. 

 In her current role as Chief Operating Officer at Gift of College, Inc., she encourages employers to help reduce employee stress associated with the high cost of higher education by offering matching contributions to 529 college savings plans as a financial wellness benefit. She also educates employers on how they can offer tax-free student loan assistance for employees thanks to some changes in late 2020 and educates them as well about the valuable role 529 ABLE plans can play for employees with disabilities or those, like herself, who have loved ones with disabilities. 

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