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The Pursuit of Purpose: Empowering Faith-Based Women to Uncover Your Divine Purpose and Build Successful Lives with Dr. Nadine Collins - E75

September 28, 2022 Maureen Chiana & Dr. Nadine Collins Episode 75
Lead To Excel Podcast
The Pursuit of Purpose: Empowering Faith-Based Women to Uncover Your Divine Purpose and Build Successful Lives with Dr. Nadine Collins - E75
Show Notes

The wisdom gained and the impact on Nadine from being brought up by her grandmother.
She explains why prayer is so important to her and why she teaches it.
Another focus of Nadine is the importance of living a life of purpose.

How her grandmother's impact led to how she learned to seek God for every decision she has made

This Podcast will challenge you as a Christian to truly live a limitless life by learning to seek God's will in every aspect of your life.
She talks about the basics of how to pray effectively and how to discern God's voice because many people talk at God and believe they are praying.

Nadine has written many books on praying and explains that praying should be a conversation with God - not having a monologue.

Purpose is being truly intentional about how you live in this world - you have to learn how to pray effectively.

Purpose is always with you. It has been with you from conception

"Prayer is my number one business strategy"

About Dr. Nadine Collins:

Dr. Nadine Collins holds a Ph.D. in Education with an emphasis on Administration in Higher Education. She holds a Master's degree in Educational Psychology and an undergrad degree in Behavioral Sciences with an emphasis in Psychology. She has published numerous academic and theoretical articles on marginalized groups, especially women. Nadine is a Women's Leadership Expert & Empowerment Coach, and International Speaker,  Author

She is on a fearless mission to empower faith-based women to break through indoctrination and the Mentally Constructed Glass Ceiling (TM) that is hindering their advancement to uncover their Diving purpose and build successful lives around it while making their unique impact on the world.

Dr. Nadine helps women build their speaking platforms and write and publish world-class books through her one-on-one and group coaching programs.

She had ongoing programs on two international Christian TV networks and is the author of eight books, including her latest—The Pursuit of Purpose: A Guide for Faith-based Women to Break Free from Indoctrinations, Shatter the Mentally Constructed Glass Ceiling ™ and Uniquely Impact the World.

Connect With Dr Nadine Collins:

Website - https://nadinecollins.com
Get Autographed Book - https://bit.ly/the-pursuit-of-purpose
The Pursuit of Purpose on Amazon

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