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Fearless Leadership: Maricella Avila's Path to CEO of Ellevate Network - E85

April 05, 2023 Maureen Chiana & Maricella Herrera Avila Episode 85
Lead To Excel Podcast
Fearless Leadership: Maricella Avila's Path to CEO of Ellevate Network - E85
Show Notes

Join me this week as I sit down with Maricella Herrera Avila, the CEO of Ellevate Network, the world's largest community for women+ at work that is dedicated to fostering equity and inclusion in business. In this episode, Maricella shares her inspiring journey from her upbringing in war-torn El Salvador to becoming a fearless leader who has transformed her fears into a powerful tool for success.

With over 15 years of experience building and scaling teams, brands, and businesses, Maricella has made significant contributions to the industry. She has spearheaded the creation of impactful programming, including the annual Mobilize Women Summit, which reaches thousands of professionals worldwide and is supported by some of the world's leading companies. Maricella is also the host of the Ellevate Podcast, Conversations with Women Changing the Face of Business.

Discover how Maricella's experiences have shaped her leadership style and learn valuable insights from her successful career trajectory. Don't miss this episode to hear from a prominent female leader who is committed to driving change and empowering women+ in the workplace.

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