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Overcoming Challenges To Thrive with Neuroscience Insights - E61

December 20, 2021 Maureen Chiana & Dr DelRae Messer Episode 61
Lead To Excel Podcast
Overcoming Challenges To Thrive with Neuroscience Insights - E61
Show Notes

I am really excited about this weeks podcast, as I am joined by Dr. DelRae Messer, DC - CEO of WellSpoken Lifestyle, a global health, well-being and beauty company that believes everyone deserves to experience a healthy, joyful and abundant life.  

Her passion is to help more people feel, look, move, and eat a little better every day, develop a team of impact driven leaders and share the freedom of choice a work from home business allows, as she designs her days around her two girls, McKenna 17 and Gianna 7.

As a single Mom, she is passionate about helping women in social impact entrepreneurship and helping people find lasting fulfillment through service and volunteerism through natural disaster relief work.

Her current projects include school gardens, promoting positive mental health through contribution and creating a team of servant leaders, who want to make a difference.  

She recently funded the printing of an International Stevie Award winning children’s coloring book called, When We All Stayed Home, to help children process the emotional trauma of the COVID global pandemic with Headwaters Relief Organization, where she is a board member. 

Connect with Dr DelRae Messer:

Website: https://www.wellspokenlifestyle.com
Insta: https://www.instagram.com/drdelrae/

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